Here’s a few from the first preseason game I made it to this year. Normally I miss a lot of the pre-season because of weddings in August, but was able to make it to the Packer game. There was actually quite a lot of action for a pre-season game so it was fun to shoot. I’m excited for this year. Everyone seems to be crowning the 49ers as champs this year so I think the Hawks can surprise some people if things come together.

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Seahawks DT Kevin Vickerson

Seahawks Cheerleaders

Leon Washington dives over the goal line for a TD.

Love the intense eye contact. You don't get to see players eyes much on TV, so it always looks cool in pictures. Gives a feeling of intensity you miss watching TV.

Seahawks WR Deon Butler runs through the Packer Defense.

Someone needs a hug! Don't worry Muchacho, luckily pre-season losses don't count 🙂