Okay, I’ll admit it. I may be the worlds worst blogger. If you recognize this image, you probably clicked on my blog, sometime between May 16th and August 29th. In that time period I managed one post. Yes, that’s one post in 3 and a half months.

Why, you might wonder? Well in all fairness we have shot a record number of weddings this summer. We’ve also decided to poor a ton of energy into our new studio! Back in May I would never have guessed what the next few months would hold, but they have been very exciting for our business. Our new studio is an awesome space right across from Safeco Field. It has a giant area for portraits and fashion shoots, as well as a slick little picture viewing area and gallery. A great benefit of the new space is that clients can now come in and see everything we carry, from prints and framed art, to albums and photo books.

Stay tuned. As soon as the clutter from moving in is cleaned up, I plan to post a few pictures.

Oh, and I do plan to post here more often 🙂