Here’s a few from a great wedding we did early in the Summer. It was a traditional Vietnamese wedding starting with morning tea ceremonies at the bride and groom’s homes, then a catholic ceremony in a church, followed by an evening reception. They are long days, but always packed with great photographic moments, so are a lot of fun to shoot.

I should probably note to all my readers that I have a little bit different blogging method than many other photographers. A lot of people I know blog their shoots immediately, but I like to wait a little while before blogging most of my shoots. The main reason is I like my clients to have the first opportunity to share the pictures with everyone, so everything is posted on a private site for them to share immediately after the event, and then I will blog my favorites a little while after they have shared the pictures with everyone.

Photo of a bridal party posing outside the Parish of Saint Louise in Bellevue

Bellevue Wedding Photography