Happy New Year!

I started looking back through all of my 2011 pictures for a big end of the year post, and realized there are a ton of awesome pictures I never even blogged, and many more from events I did blog, but couldn’t fit in the posts. The busier I am shooting, the less time I have to blog, so in that way it was a great year in 2011. I got to work with so many great people, and be a part of so many great moments. I will have plenty of great blog material to get through the winter.

Here are a few from Jen and Ryan’s engagement session in the fall. We walked around some of their favorite spots in the city, starting at the Olympic Sculpture Park, and then heading over to Gasworks Park. Their wedding also happens to be my first one of 2012 later this month, (somewhere in the Caribbean, and requiring a passport 🙂

Gasworks Park portrait Session

Seattle's Best Wedding Photographers

Chelsea + Bryce

Wedding and Engagement Photography by Maurice Photo

Here are a few pictures from Chelsea and Bryce’s recent engagement session at Alki. We had a great time cruising up and down the strip and shooting in a few different places. It’s a great area for pictures since there are so many different ways you can make it look. At the end of the shoot I pulled out the big flash gun and enhanced the sunset a little. Secrets of the pros 😉

Seattle Wedding Photographers

This shot was taken seconds after the one above, but I just dialed down the exposure a lot. I can't decide which I like better.. I think both are great, but the light and dark versions of the image have very different feels.


Alki Beach photos


candid black and white photography


Studio Flash pictures outdoors.