Football is back.

Football is back.

Starting to get busy with Football again. One of my favorite things about the NFL is how you never really know how things will shake out each year. The Seahawks have a bunch of young and new players who should make things very interesting to watch.

After using Canon Gear for everything for the past 23 years, I am very close to throwing in the towel and going all Fuji. But using the electronic viewfinder of mirrorless cameras is kind of challenging when it comes to sports. They feel like they are a generation away from being better in every way. We just need a quicker refresh rate to keep up with optical viewfinders. For now the 1dx Mark ii is still king-of-sport-photos-mountain, But I definitely enjoy carrying my Fuji xt3 and x100f a lot more, and for anything that isn’t moving at pro-athlete speed, they do the job!

For your viewing pleasure, a few Seahawks Pictures from 2018…

NFL National Anthem militart Flyover at Century Link Field.
Seattle Seahawks Linbacker Bobby Wagner
Mike Davis of the Seattle Seahawks
Justin Britt and D.J. Fluker of the Seattle Seahawks.
Seattle Seahawks RB Rashaad Penny.
Seattle Seahawks Barkevious Mingo and Shaquem Griffin.
Seahawks TE Nick Vannett.
Seahawks WR Tyler Lockett.
Seahawks Fans.
Century Link Field at night.
Seattle Seahawks Photos

Seattle Seahawks Photos

Happy Super Bowl Sunday Everyone! Since we are closing the book on the 2015 NFL season today, I thought I’d post a few of my favorite shots from this season shooting for the Seattle Seahawks. It was another great year shooting for the Hawks, excited to see what next year brings!

seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-01 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-02 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-03 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-04 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-05 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-06 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-08 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-09 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-10 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-11 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-12 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-13 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-14 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-15 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-16 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-17 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-18 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-19 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-20 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-21 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-22 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-23 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-24 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-25 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-26 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-27 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-28 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-29 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-30 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-31 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-32 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-33 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-34 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-35 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-36 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-37 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-38 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-39 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-40 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-41 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-42 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-43 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-44 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-45 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-46 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-47 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-48 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-49 seahawks-photos-mauricephoto-50

Seahawks Preseason Opener

Seahawks Preseason Opener


Happy Blue Friday everyone! It was great to be back on the field with the Seahawks again a few weeks ago. It should be another great year with such a talented team out there. The story of the game (other than rainy football August wtf…) was definitely the debut of Tyler Lockett. He looked faster than anyone on the field, and returned a kickoff for a touchdown. Percy who?


Coach Carroll watching the warmups through the rain.


Flying sea gal…

Seattle Seahawks Jimmy Graham

This guy will be fun to watch this year.

maurice-photo-seattle-seahawks-02 maurice-photo-seattle-seahawks-03 maurice-photo-seattle-seahawks-04 maurice-photo-seattle-seahawks-07 maurice-photo-seattle-seahawks-08 maurice-photo-seattle-seahawks-09 maurice-photo-seattle-seahawks-10 maurice-photo-seattle-seahawks-11 maurice-photo-seattle-seahawks-12 maurice-photo-seattle-seahawks-13 maurice-photo-seattle-seahawks-14 maurice-photo-seattle-seahawks-15 maurice-photo-seattle-seahawks-17 maurice-photo-seattle-seahawks-16 maurice-photo-seattle-seahawks-18

Save a horse, whip a cowboy.

I know it’s been a while. I have about 30 shoots waiting to be blogged, and another 10 needing to be edited, editing a music video, and a baby coming in 2 weeks…Almost as exciting as all that, is this years Seahawks team! Young, full of potential, and hard hitting! Really fun to watch 🙂

Seahawks Running Back Marshawn Lynch

The Sea Gals cheer at a Seahawks football game

Seattle Seahawks vs the Dallas Cowboys photos

Sea Gal game pictures

Leon Washington - Seattle Seahawks Running Back

Dallas Cowboy footbal pictures



Safety Earl Thomas returns an interception in the first quarter. It rained about as hard as I can remember for a half a quarter, then thankfully cleared up before my cameras were completely soaked! You have to be prepared for anything as a Seattle Photographer.

Here are a few shots from the home opener last weekend. I was resigned to the fact that this is going to be a rebuilding year, and not to expect much, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, mainly by the defense. They looked really good, and if things keep progressing they will be a real strength of the team going forward. Now the offense just needs to catch up….

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