from the “Maurice PhotoBooth”

I had a great time shooting these images at a retirement party held at Chandlers Crab House on Lake Union. It was the first time I’ve done a “Maurice Photo Booth” outdoors in full sun and wind, but I thought they came out pretty cool none the less.  


The Maurice Photo Booth


As you can see, a good time was had by all who entered…….


Portrait Station by Maurice Photo

More from the photo “booth”

I just finished an album for Megan and Mark and included a couple pages from the photo booth we did at their wedding. Our photo “booth” is not an actual booth, (it’s better!) because we can fit larger groups and get crazier with posing. They are always a ton of fun to have at the reception, and a great opportunity for the guests to have fun in front of the camera.


Photo Booth pictures by Maurice Photo


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