Hi everyone. Since a lot of my clients tend to be interested in photography, and some are even aspiring professionals, I’ve decided to create a new section of the blog devoted to photography tips, tutorials, and equipment tests.

We’ll be doing some experiments and comparisons, especially between high priced camera bodies and lenses vs. their more affordable counterparts and sharing the results here.

If anyone has any photography questions, feel free to email me or post them in comments and I’ll try to cover it in future posts.

I think a good inaugural post for this section would be to tell you what is currently in my camera bag. If you are thinking of buying any of them, please click my links below and Amazon will give me a cut 🙂

By the way, Amazon is probably the main place I buy photography equipment when I can’t get it locally at Glaziers Camera Supply. The prices are always the best out there, and if you have a prime membership 2 day shipping is free.

Camera Bodies:

Canon 1d Mark IV– Fastest camera in the Canon line up, big noise-free amazingly sharp files. The top of the line camera body in this class at the moment.

5d Mark II – Big amazing files, and hd video.

5d – Oddly the color of the files that come straight out of this camera usually look better than the others. You can adjust them to match, but this body still does it best with no help. Still my favorite camera for portraits and slow moving subjects.

iphone 4
This is partly a joke to list this camera here, but it is actually my favorite camera at the moment! There are a bunch of great apps that are great for keeping your creative juices flowing. I love Hipstamatic at the moment. I think it is really important to constantly experiment and shoot pictures just for fun. This will keep your eyes and creativity fresh when you are on a real job. There’s a saying that goes “the best camera, is the ones that’s with you”, and since my iphone is always in my pocket, it tends to fit the bill.


Canon 15mm fisheye

Canon 24mm fl.4 L

Canon 35mm f1.4

Canon 35mm f2

Canon 16-35 f2.8L

Canon 50 f1.2L

Canon 85mm f1.2

Canon 85mm f1.8

Canon TS-E 90mm f2.8 Tilt Shift

Canon 70-200mm f2.8 L IS

Canon 1.4X Teleconverter

Canon 400mm f2.8L IS

Canon 600mm f4 IS

Lighting gear will be covered in another post….