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Web surfing tip – Firefox

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We are just about to launch a remodeled version of our website and were testing it last night with all of the different web browsers. I was really disapointed at how it looked in Internet Explorer. The pages took longer to load, and some the formatting did not line up as it did in the other browsers. (Safari, Opera, Firefox)

Firefox is a vastly superior web browser to Internet Explorer. It loads pages faster, it is safer from viruses and hacking, there are loads of cool plug-ins and widgets for it, and best of all it displays correctly. I’ll have our web design team fix the formatting so the final version displays correctly in all browsers, but thought I should recommend Firefox to all my blog readers. Once you start using all the cool features, you will wonder how you lived without it.


BTW, it is compatible with both Windows and Macs. Check it out!

Mozilla Firefox

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