Here’s a few from the Divisional Playoff game against the Saints. It was an exciting game to watch, and by far the coldest and wettest we’ve had this year. I could barely hold my monopod straight in the wind.

Next up the 49ers this Sunday. I thought the game at the beginning of the season was going to be a crazy one, but never could have imagined that we’d play it again as the NFC championship!



Blue Monday!

Shout out to New Order fans out there 🙂 I thought the 49ers game earlier this year was big, but I think tonights game against the Saints is going to top it! Finally able to share a few from the last game against the Minnesota Vikings.

Seattle Seahawks - NFL Photos.


The Bucs stopped here… Heyooo…

Haha, memories brainstorming headline puns with the newspaper sports editor 🙂 Finally able to post these pictures from the last Seahawk’s home game. I was impressed with how Tampa Bay played the first half. They came in to the Clink and didn’t seam phased at all. I can’t remember any visiting team looking that comfortable in front of the 12th Man. Thankfully the Hawks got it together by the end of the game and pulled another close victory out of their hats.

Seattle Seahawks vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers; Blitz


Playoff bound!

Sidney Rice warms up before the Seattle Seahawks vs. St. Louis Rams football game at Century Link Field. Canon 1dx + 500mm f4L.