Portraits of my baby girls. Natural light portraits indoors

Well the website transformation is almost complete. It’s been quite the fall and winter season for me. This little cutie you see above joined us in October. So with all the usual end of the year photo craziness happening, overhauling my entire branding and website, while wrangling a spirited 2 year old, and equally tenacious 5 month old, it’s been an adventure!

We finally got them together for their first proper portrait session. The cool thing about these is they were just taken with window light and a Photoflex Reflector. I think it’s some of the best portrait light I’ve ever done, and the best part is I can re-create this look just about anywhere!!! You don’t even need a sunny day… It even works great using the one little window in the historic old brewery that houses our studio.

I’m super excited for 2013. I feel like I’ve really made some breakthroughs lately with my lighting techniques, and I have some exciting new ideas and surprises to add to the mix to with weddings and portraits. Also, plan to see my blogging style change a bit this year. I want to make it a little more interesting and informative, as well as blow you away with gorgeous pictures!