Nick – Senior Portrait

Nick – Senior Portrait

Photo taken at Carillon Point – Fujilm x100f 1/4000 f2

Wow, it’s been 2 years I’ve blogged… Rest assured, I’m still here, just have luckily been busy shooting and have let my poor blog and website get a little dusty. Social Media kind of made blogging obsolete for a while, but after seeing the many flaws each of these platforms have, I’m back here in my own space that I have control over. I’m definitely planning to make it an interesting place, and promise to reward you for visiting ­čśë

4 Seasons Hotel Seattle Portrait Session

4 Seasons Hotel Seattle Portrait Session

4 Seasons Hotel Seattle Portrait Session

Dave & Gina commissioned me to take some portraits during their romantic Anniversary getaway in downtown Seattle. The 4 Seasons Hotel is an amazing spot for pictures being right on the Seattle Waterfront. The sky and great wheel look cool in almost any type of weather! The light in the guest rooms is not bad either as you can see!

Before/After Portrait

before after glamour portraits

After a big studio re-model at the beginning of this year, I’ve really re-discovered my love of portraits and head shots. Anyone with a camera is a photographer nowadays, (actually anyone with a phone!). But this is a great example of what a professional shoot with hair and makeup styling, great lighting, posing, getting a great connection between the subject and camera will do.

I got the nicest note from her afterward. It’s great when you can take a picture that not only makes a person look good, but feel better about how they see themselves as well!

“I can’t thank you all enough for this experience. I appreciated it at the time but now that I can actually see what you all captured and brought out of me, I see the deeper aspects of myself coming through in this photo and I have tears rolling down as I type this. I feel that I see the essence of my core here and it took for me to see this photo to really see the physical expression of it. You all have such immense talent! In my 34 years of life, I don’t think I have seen a photo of myself that really felt like ME until now…ALL of me. I thank you all from my heart.”




A few shots I recently did for the lovely actress and model Desiree Brajevich. I recently remodeled the studio quote a bit and have some great new backgrounds to shoot against. These were taken in natural light, and I just love how the eyes pop in this setup. Head shots are a lot of fun but also challenging, because you want to make people look pretty of course, but also get a nice range of expressions out of them that convey their range and personality.


My Girls…

Portraits of my baby girls. Natural light portraits indoors

Well the website transformation is almost complete. It’s been quite the fall and winter season for me. This little cutie you see above joined us in October. So with all the usual end of the year photo craziness happening, overhauling my entire branding and website, while wrangling a spirited 2 year old, and equally tenacious 5 month old, it’s been an adventure!

We finally got them together for their first proper portrait session.┬áThe cool thing about these is they were just taken with window light and a Photoflex Reflector. I think it’s some of the best portrait light I’ve ever done, and the best part is I can re-create this look just about anywhere!!! You don’t even need a sunny day… It even works great using the one little window in the historic old brewery that houses our studio.

I’m super excited for 2013. I feel like I’ve really made some breakthroughs lately with my lighting techniques, and I have some exciting new ideas and surprises to add to the mix to with weddings and portraits. Also, plan to see my blogging style change a bit this year. I want to make it a little more interesting and informative, as well as blow you away with gorgeous pictures!



Family Portraits at Greenlake

Seattle Wedding and Portrait Photographers

It looks like Spring finally arrived this week, just in time for a quick family portrait session at Greenlake . We had a great time walking around and playing with the last few Cherry Blossoms still on the trees. Shooting pictures in front of Cherry Blossoms is a favorite Spring ritual. The pink and white against blue sky or green grass is such a great combo.