A few shots I recently did for the lovely actress and model Desiree Brajevich. I recently remodeled the studio quote a bit and have some great new backgrounds to shoot against. These were taken in natural light, and I just love how the eyes pop in this setup. Head shots are a lot of fun but also challenging, because you want to make people look pretty of course, but also get a nice range of expressions out of them that convey their range and personality.


Studio Head shots with Stephanie

Studio Head shots with Stephanie

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Here’s one from a recent model portfolio we did with Stephanie. Sometimes the clean background in the studio is a refreshing change from location work. Especially when the weather is bad 🙂

Fashion Photography by Maurice Photo. Pictures of a model in studio against a white paper backdrop.

In the forest….

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I just finished an 8 day stint in Jury Duty! It was my first time being summoned ever, and I ended up getting selected for a very slow moving trial. But I’m happy to say I am finally back in the office 🙂

Here’s a shot from a little portrait session I did with Sabrina. She’s a super creative and talented clothing designer, seen here modeling one of her creations.

Fashion Photography in Seattle by Maurice Photo

Fashion Photography in Seattle by Maurice Photo