Take that, every NFL commentator on TV 🙂 I didn’t hear a single person on tv give the Seahawks a chance in this game. I even heard one person say it was the most lopsided match up in playoff history. In all fairness the hawks have been very inconsistent this year, but they are capable of being great, and with the 12th man they are hard to beat at home. Keep rooting for the packers too! If the Seahawks and Packers win this weekend the NFC championship with be back in Seattle!!! And we are 1-0 when that happens 🙂

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Seahawks Safety Earl Thomas forces a fumble. Canon 1d4 Mark IV, 600mm f4 lens.

One of John Carlson's two touchdowns. Neither one made a great picture because they were so easy. He almost walked into the endzone both times.

Matt Hasselbeck played out of his mind. After an early mistake, he threw a nearly perfect game.

Marshawn Lynch's game icing run that many were saying was one of the best ever. He broke like 8 tackles, and sealed the win for the Seahawks.

The Seahawk Players celebrate with fans after beating the Saints. The girl on the left makes this picture!