Pictures of the Seahawks in the NFL Pro Bowl by Maurice Photo


Seattle’s finest! Marcus Trufant, Matt Hasselbeck, Julian Peterson, Lofa Tatupu, pictured after the game during the 2008 NFL Pro Bowl.  Pat Kerney and Walter Jones were also selected this year, but stayed home to take care of injuries.

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Pictures of the NFL Pro Bowl by Maurice Photo


It’s rare to see guys with different helmets on embracing before the game. Only in the Pro Bowl.


Pictures of the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL Pro Bowl by Maurice Photo


Our very own Melanie from the Sea Gal’s performed great. I love the reflection on her face from the pom poms.


Pictures of the NFL Pro Bowl by Maurice Photo


Adrian Peterson turning the corner. He had a great day, and was one of the only people they were actually trying to tackle hard. Probably because he kept gaining so many yards on the AFC defense.


The 2008 NFL Pro Bowl


It was hot! Flozell Adams takes a break under the fans.


NFL Pro Bowl


Seriously dude, 1980 called, and they want those glasses back! Okay, that’s slightly mean 🙂 but I’m still annoyed at how the security people stood inside the yellow line blocking the view of the photographers. This never happens at regular NFL games, not even in the playoffs or Super Bowl.


Pro Bowl 2008 Pictures


 Trufant attempts to break up a pass in the endzone.


NFL Cheerleader Pictures in the 2008 Pro Bowl

I love shooting pictures of Cheerleaders in the Sunshine. Sadly we only get weather like this a couple games a year in Seattle.  The back light from the sun make great highlights in their hair, and also creates really cool shadows on the ground when they dance.


Sea Gal Pictures from the 2008 Pro Bowl


Melanie and her crew.


NFL Pro Bowl pictures


Tatupu scans the field.


Chad Johnson Pictures Ocho Cinco in the Pro Bowl


This is one of my favorite pictures from the day. I was running up the sideline and noticed this gold glint catching the sun out of the corner of my eye. Upon closer inspection, it was none other than the infamous Ocho Cinco, aka Chad Johnson.


Matt Hasselbeck Pictures in the 2008 Pro Bowl


Matt Hasselbeck gets ready to throw a pass, which resulted in a touchdown.


Pro Bowl Cheerleader Pictures


 A dancer poses during the halftime show. The lighting on this picture is just too perfect.



Lifehouse performs at the Pro Bowl


The halftime show featuring Lifehouse.


Pro Bowl 2008 Pictures


Hasselbeck fires a pass down field.


NFL Pro Bowl pictures


I think Peterson was pointing something out to Lofa Tatupu in this shot, but it’s funny because it looks like he’s talking about the Ref.