James and Tiffany's wedding at the Magnolia United Church of Christ and Canal.

Here are some gorgeous portraits I got of Tiffany and James a couple weeks ago. The weather on their wedding day was about as bad as you could ask for, a rainy/dark/cold November afternoon in Seattle. But when you have a great couple to work with, and know some lighting tricks, you can get pictures that look like this 🙂

A lot of brides and grooms worry about rain on the wedding day, but I never do. I just say grab some cute umbrellas and have fun with it if the rain comes. There is no reason you can’t get great pictures if you are willing to get out there!

You might also wonder how Tiffany kept her dress from getting filthy standing on train tracks covered in wet dirty leaves…. Well I was prepared for that as well. I always bring a little piece of canvas that makes a perfect little platform to protect the dress 😉

Wedding photos in the rain Seattle