Katie & Chris – Sunset at Discovery Park

Katie & Chris – Sunset at Discovery Park

Here are a few pictures from Katy & Chris’ engagement portrait session at Discovery Park in Magnolia. Discovery Park is always such a fun place to shoot. It’s one of those Seattle Parks that is so big, you can always find a cool place to shoot, no matter what the light or weather is like.

Pro Tip – The best time for pictures is often the hour before sunset known as the “Golden Hour”. If you can plan a portrait session or carve out a few minutes during your wedding reception for some outdoor shots, you will be rewarded with the best natural light of the day.  The light gathering capabilities on the current generation of cameras (I currently shoot mainly with a Canon 1DX) are so good, that with a fast top tier lens, you can actually keep shooting for a good 15-20 minutes after the sun goes down and still get amazing naturally-lit pictures.

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Tiffany and James in the cold november rain…

James and Tiffany's wedding at the Magnolia United Church of Christ and Canal.

Here are some gorgeous portraits I got of Tiffany and James a couple weeks ago. The weather on their wedding day was about as bad as you could ask for, a rainy/dark/cold November afternoon in Seattle. But when you have a great couple to work with, and know some lighting tricks, you can get pictures that look like this 🙂

A lot of brides and grooms worry about rain on the wedding day, but I never do. I just say grab some cute umbrellas and have fun with it if the rain comes. There is no reason you can’t get great pictures if you are willing to get out there!

You might also wonder how Tiffany kept her dress from getting filthy standing on train tracks covered in wet dirty leaves…. Well I was prepared for that as well. I always bring a little piece of canvas that makes a perfect little platform to protect the dress 😉

Wedding photos in the rain Seattle


10 wedding tips

One of my favorite wedding blogs, just had a great post with 10 wedding tips from different wedding planners. 


“If having an outdoor ceremony, be considerate of your bridesmaids who may be wearing heals.  Consider purchasing them Solemates It keeps them from sinking into the grass.”  Latrice Cushenberry •  Bridal Opulence Weddings and Events | BLOG

These would come in handy when walking around outdoors during the photo session, as we often have to walk around on grass, or even sidewalks that have cracks and grooves in them:


To see all 10 tips, click herehttp://fabu-luxe.com/blog/2009/05/05/10-tips-from-10-wedding-planners/

How many photographers is enough?

I”m posting a picture of this kid, because he’s awesome. We found him on the dance floor at Melanie and Casey’s wedding. I have no idea why he is screaming at the camera, but I love the picture.

His expression also reminds me of the times I hear people convinced they need a specific # of photographers at their wedding.

In the interest of full disclosure, I work almost every wedding with an assistant/2nd photographer. 90% of the time, that person is my awesome and talented wife Kristen. (I sometimes do smaller weddings alone, and though I have to work a little harder, the pictures are just as good) Sometimes less is actually more, especially for lower key events.

Wedding Pictures at Bear Creek Country Club

The mild rant I want to go off on, is everyone has their own way of working. Many of my favorite photographers (worldwide, as well as in Seattle) shoot weddings completely solo. I also have a few favorites that are married couples, and also some that use a “2nd shooter” at every wedding.

The point I want to drive home is that the pictures are what should sell you on a photographer. It bothers me to no end to see people use “2 photographers” as a selling point. If the pictures aren’t great, why in the world would you want double the amount of boring pictures?

The thing that should sell you on the photographer is the pictures they show you. If they can show you a lot of work that you like, they will probably produce the same kind of work at your wedding. The # of great pictures they take is what is important, not how many people are taking them.

Okay, rant over 🙂