Katie & Chris – Sunset at Discovery Park

Katie & Chris – Sunset at Discovery Park

Here are a few pictures from Katy & Chris’ engagement portrait session at Discovery Park in Magnolia. Discovery Park is always such a fun place to shoot. It’s one of those Seattle Parks that is so big, you can always find a cool place to shoot, no matter what the light or weather is like.

Pro Tip – The best time for pictures is often the hour before sunset known as the “Golden Hour”. If you can plan a portrait session or carve out a few minutes during your wedding reception for some outdoor shots, you will be rewarded with the best natural light of the day.  The light gathering capabilities on the current generation of cameras (I currently shoot mainly with a Canon 1DX) are so good, that with a fast top tier lens, you can actually keep shooting for a good 15-20 minutes after the sun goes down and still get amazing naturally-lit pictures.

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My Best Engagement Photos in Seattle last year

Engagement Portraits with a dog on the Kirkland Waterfront

Woodmark Hotel Wedding and engagement photos

This shot was from an engagement portrait session we shot at the Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland. This is definitely one of my (and theirs) favorite engagement pictures from this last year, and ironically does not even feature the couples faces. I love dogs (and am the proud owner of two Boston Terriers), and can totally relate when clients want to bring along the pups for engagement sessions.


Mei + Joe Engagement Portraits

Here are a few pictures from Mei and Joe’s Engagement Portrait session at the Washington Park Arboretum.They are a super nice couple, and we had a lot of fun walking around and exploring the park. You have to hike a little bit at the Arboretum but it’s worth it.

You can tell by the light and background these were taken a few months ago 🙂 I try to save a few Summer and Fall events for winter blog posting, just so we can all remember what warm weather looks like! Recently I’ve started to see cherry blossom buds on trees though, so I’m looking forward to some Sprint shoots.

Seattle Engagement Portraits in the Washington Park Arboretum




Laura + Ray

A few shots of Laura and Ray’s engagement session. Backyard photo sessions are always fun, especially with a location like this! I love shooting near the water.

Picture of a couple posing on a dock near the lake.