Theresa and Zach

A few shots from Theresa and Zach’s wedding at The Oasis at Sodo Park. It was a gorgeous wedding with such a fun group of people. It was coordinated by Holly-Kate of Sweet Pea Events, and decorated with Flowers from Christopher Flowers. The Oasis is a new room at Sodo Park, and it definitely has a unique feel. It’s a great setting for smaller weddings. And as you can see there are a lot of great areas for pictures right outside! Click here to see more Oasis at Sodo Park wedding pictures in our gallery.

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My Best Wedding Photography of 2011

I’ve been looking through all of last years pictures to come up with a “best-of” post (actually started this the last week of December), but it’s just so hard to pick looking through almost 100,000 images. I’m not trying to say everything I shoot is amazing-but not saying it isn’t either 😉 however there are just shots I really really love from literally every single event. When you know the people, and were part of their wedding day, it’s hard to to not be in love with the pictures. So basically I decided I need to just fire off pictures to the blog that I really like randomly without trying to make one big gallery.

So to start, here is one of my favorite dancing pictures from last year. I love shooting receptions, because at this point in the wedding, any stress or nervousness that might have been present earlier in the day has melted away and the day turns in to a pure celebration. In this picture the groom and his dad are dancing and singing at the top of their lungs (to a Backstreet Boys song if I remember correctly!)

Wedding pictures taken at Herban Feast Sodo Park Venue

To see more wedding pictures at Sodo Park, click here.

Adrien + Amy

Adrien + Amy

A bride and groom pose on the waterfront by Saltys

Here’s a few from Adrien and Amy’s wedding that took place at SODO Park. We hopped over to Alki for a quick photo shoot with the wedding party. One thing I love about SODO Park is you have so many great places to shoot near the venue. The industrial area is full of great spots. And when you have a wedding party who was this fun to work with it makes my job easy!

Downtown Seattle Wedding Pictures


Wedding Pictures at SODO Park

Modern Style Wedding Photos

Wide angle photo of the ceremony at SODO Park Herban Feast Catering

Candid pictures

Asian style wedding toast pictures

Dancing pictures at a wedding

Exceptional lighting

Artistic Wedding Photography by Maurice Photo