Seahawks in 1st Place!

The Seahawk’s game on Sunday vs. the St. Louis Rams reminded me how lucky we are to have seen them play so well the past few years. I say this, because we easily beat the Rams 33-6, and allowed no touchdowns. I think most home fans would be pretty happy with that result. But after the game a lot of people were talking like it was a loss, because the offense didn’t play up to their potential.I think the offense can and will play better than on Sunday. Hopefully they will start getting back in sync in the next few weeks. But I couldn’t help but think Seattle fans are lucky to have a team that has played so well the past few years that we expect nothing less than perfection.Here are a couple shots of Darryl Tapp, who had a monster game with 4 sacks. 


Seattle Seahawks Pictures


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