Debbie and Dominic

Here’s a few from Debbie and Dominic’s wedding last month at the Hollywood Schoolhouse. They got ready at the Willows Lodge, then we went over to Chateau St. Michelle for a few pictures by the grape vines, and then on to the schoolhouse for the ceremony and reception.

Wedding Photos at the Hollywood Schoolhouse.

Heather + Ben

Here’s a few from Heather and Ben’s winter engagement session.  We shot a few at the Willow’s Lodge where they got engaged, and then also a few across the street at Chateau St. Michelle.

I love the challenge of shooting during the winter, because the cold, wet, and dark weather forces you to think a little more creatively and shoot differently than during the warmer times of year. We’ve developed a great way to make sure we have “sun” even when the real one isn’t available.

Engagement Portraits in Woodinville

Engagement Portraits in Woodinville