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After roughly 5 years, and a Global Pandemic, we thought we get things updated around here. Lot of exciting new work to share. You’ll notice a few buttons may not work for the next couple of days while we get the new site up and running, but it will be ready soon. Thanks for visiting!

Here’s a totally unrelated, but gorgeous image I recently shot with my DJI Mavic Mini II. We’ve had a lot of fog the past week, and it made this shot of the sunrise pretty darn cool looking. If only my house was 300 feet taller, this would be the view from my bedroom 🙂

Sunrise in Bothell WA with Mt. Rainier visible in the background.
Bothell Sunrise

Football is back.

Football is back.

Starting to get busy with Football again. One of my favorite things about the NFL is how you never really know how things will shake out each year. The Seahawks have a bunch of young and new players who should make things very interesting to watch.

After using Canon Gear for everything for the past 23 years, I am very close to throwing in the towel and going all Fuji. But using the electronic viewfinder of mirrorless cameras is kind of challenging when it comes to sports. They feel like they are a generation away from being better in every way. We just need a quicker refresh rate to keep up with optical viewfinders. For now the 1dx Mark ii is still king-of-sport-photos-mountain, But I definitely enjoy carrying my Fuji xt3 and x100f a lot more, and for anything that isn’t moving at pro-athlete speed, they do the job!

For your viewing pleasure, a few Seahawks Pictures from 2018…

NFL National Anthem militart Flyover at Century Link Field.
Seattle Seahawks Linbacker Bobby Wagner
Mike Davis of the Seattle Seahawks
Justin Britt and D.J. Fluker of the Seattle Seahawks.
Seattle Seahawks RB Rashaad Penny.
Seattle Seahawks Barkevious Mingo and Shaquem Griffin.
Seahawks TE Nick Vannett.
Seahawks WR Tyler Lockett.
Seahawks Fans.
Century Link Field at night.
Nick – Senior Portrait

Nick – Senior Portrait

Photo taken at Carillon Point – Fujilm x100f 1/4000 f2

Wow, it’s been 2 years I’ve blogged… Rest assured, I’m still here, just have luckily been busy shooting and have let my poor blog and website get a little dusty. Social Media kind of made blogging obsolete for a while, but after seeing the many flaws each of these platforms have, I’m back here in my own space that I have control over. I’m definitely planning to make it an interesting place, and promise to reward you for visiting 😉

Just Married

Just Married

Sole Repair Shop Wedding Photos on Capitol Hill in Seattle

Love this moment from Susan & Pablo’s Wedding at Sole Repair Shop in Capitol Hill. They had just walked up the aisle from the ceremony and are looking at each other for the first time as an official married couple.

I just noticed people using the hashtag #momentsovermountains and I love it! Pictures of real moments at weddings are the ones that will hold the most value to you in the future. Climbing a mountain just for a photo, or hiking to some waterfall, might be fun, but I think it can sometimes be a little superficial. Like trying to create a photo that will get the most likes rather than capturing something real. I know the photos that I really value and hold dear are the ones that bring back a memory or remind me of something I felt. You can’t fake a look like the one they are giving each other!

Wedding Venue – Sole Repair Shop

Coordinator – Melody Davis Events