Safety Earl Thomas returns an interception in the first quarter. It rained about as hard as I can remember for a half a quarter, then thankfully cleared up before my cameras were completely soaked! You have to be prepared for anything as a Seattle Photographer.

Here are a few shots from the home opener last weekend. I was resigned to the fact that this is going to be a rebuilding year, and not to expect much, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, mainly by the defense. They looked really good, and if things keep progressing they will be a real strength of the team going forward. Now the offense just needs to catch up….

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Great game!

Take that, every NFL commentator on TV 🙂 I didn’t hear a single person on tv give the Seahawks a chance in this game. I even heard one person say it was the most lopsided match up in playoff history. In all fairness the hawks have been very inconsistent this year, but they are capable of being great, and with the 12th man they are hard to beat at home. Keep rooting for the packers too! If the Seahawks and Packers win this weekend the NFC championship with be back in Seattle!!! And we are 1-0 when that happens 🙂

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Vanessa and Tristin

Vanessa and Tristin

Here are a few pictures from Vanessa and Tristin’s Engagement Portrait session at Seattle Center. I hadn’t shot there in a while and it was fun to go back. There is so much to work with visually. You could shoot pictures there every week and always find a way to make it look different. It helps to have good subjects, and these two were great to work with. You can always tell when a couple really loves being together, it makes our job easy!

What has two thumbs and loves Vanessa? This guy!