Katie & Chris – Sunset at Discovery Park

Katie & Chris – Sunset at Discovery Park

Here are a few pictures from Katy & Chris’ engagement portrait session at Discovery Park in Magnolia. Discovery Park is always such a fun place to shoot. It’s one of those Seattle Parks that is so big, you can always find a cool place to shoot, no matter what the light or weather is like.

Pro Tip – The best time for pictures is often the hour before sunset known as the “Golden Hour”. If you can plan a portrait session or carve out a few minutes during your wedding reception for some outdoor shots, you will be rewarded with the best natural light of the day.  The light gathering capabilities on the current generation of cameras (I currently shoot mainly with a Canon 1DX) are so good, that with a fast top tier lens, you can actually keep shooting for a good 15-20 minutes after the sun goes down and still get amazing naturally-lit pictures.

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Jennifer and Craig

Wedding Photography pictures at Golden Gardens Bathhouse in Seattle WA.

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A recent one from possibly the coldest, windiest, least outdoor friendly wedding I’ve ever done. Luckily we found some shelter and great light on this stormy day at Golden Gardens. They were both troopers, and the bride even threw on a pair of boots to trudge around the beach in! We quickly returned to the Bathhouse though, as it started raining sideways about 10 minutes into the portraits. Gotta love Seattle in the Winter.

The blog has been a little quiet lately, as we are working hard a new website design and blog at the moment. Should be ready soon!

Happy New Year!

I started looking back through all of my 2011 pictures for a big end of the year post, and realized there are a ton of awesome pictures I never even blogged, and many more from events I did blog, but couldn’t fit in the posts. The busier I am shooting, the less time I have to blog, so in that way it was a great year in 2011. I got to work with so many great people, and be a part of so many great moments. I will have plenty of great blog material to get through the winter.

Here are a few from Jen and Ryan’s engagement session in the fall. We walked around some of their favorite spots in the city, starting at the Olympic Sculpture Park, and then heading over to Gasworks Park. Their wedding also happens to be my first one of 2012 later this month, (somewhere in the Caribbean, and requiring a passport 🙂

Gasworks Park portrait Session

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